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Designation:- Headmistress

Qualification:- M.A., B.Ed,(PhD)

Academic Activities:-

Headmistress's Message:-

Somebody has rightly remarked that home is the first school and mother is the first teacher. It’s a dream of every parent to see his/her child successful in life. There is no barrier to dream. The rich and the poor dream all alike but unfortunately the dreams of the rich are more likely to come true whereas the dreams of the poor are rarely fulfilled. I am immensely overwhelmed to get an opportunity to steer the bandwagon of a number of poor, innocent, tender and vibrant young lives to the platform from where they can start their journey of life confidently in this competitive world. As a structure cannot last long without a strong foundation so is a child cannot be successful without acquiring strong basics in education. This makes the primary education system complex and more demanding. The system has to efficiently cater to the needs of the students with different capabilities. The mentors have a herculean task of identifying, unleashing and nurturing the hidden talents of the tender minds. We endeavor to leave no stone unturned in achieving the aforementioned objectives.